Ready to hit a home run? Come check out our May Arcade Game of the Month: Baseball Pro!

Our arcade is excited to feature this awesome new game! This innovative themed redemption game distills the baseball experience into a fun arcade-sized package. Using the mounted metal baseball bat lever on the front of the game, the user swings at the ball which is “pitched” towards them down the ramp. The ball can then land in one of several targets at the back of the game. Those targets are lit either green or red and labelled to indicate how many bases that the player gets to run. 1-H indicates a single; 2-H for Double; 3-H for Triple and Out is self-explanatory. The game is over when the player gets three outs, just like a real baseball game. With a moving Home Run target, players can also go for the “Big Win” for one of the most exciting jackpots in the arcade!